Lois Edwards, our permitting guru, has extensive experience at the federal and state levels for a wide variety of project types. Under the Joint Coastal Program (JCP), she has permitted and documented regulatory compliance of local and federal beach restoration projects and associated stabilization structures, monitoring, emergency fill projects and mitigation artificial reefs. Lois works closely with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers staff to initiate noticing of projects, conclude federal agency consultations and decision documents and finalize the federal permit and required monitoring. Lois has established relationships with Florida District and Water Management staff and has obtained Environmental Resource Permits (ERP) permits and state lands authorization throughout Florida for public and private waterfront parks, docks, marinas and navigational dredging, fishing piers, pavilions, boardwalks, bulkheads and living shorelines. Under the Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) Lois has permitted a wide range of oceanfront development including public recreational parks and accesses, dune restoration, seawalls, emergency fill projects, and private and commercial development. She is well-recognized in the industry as extremely knowledgeable, fair, personable, and persistent.