Kim Colstad, our staff ecologist, started her career at Florida Department of Environmental Protection in the Environmental Resource Permits (ERP) section. She has since worked in the environmental consulting and coastal engineering world for over a decade, gaining experience in other permitting programs such as Joint Coastal Permits (JCP) and federal regulations, while continuing to develop her skills within the realm of ERP. She studied marine biology at University of Miami and then went on to earn her Master’s in Ecology and Conservation Biology at University of Central Florida. Kim is one of only 47 Certified Ecologists in the state of Florida through the Ecological Society of America, the largest organization of professional ecologists. At Ardea Environmental Consultants, Kim conducts a variety of environmental field work including seagrass/benthic resource surveys, wetland delineations, mangrove assessments, and other natural resource studies that support UMAM or environmental resource permits, as well as permitting projects herself.